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Web Projects

Survais HTML and JavaScript Embedded Surveys / Questionnaires Curated notes related to the GAMSAT exam
ShowCase ShowCase is a free (as in beer), open source web app for displaying your projects effortlessly on the web
DateCountdown Find out how long is it to a certain date
TextAnalyser Investigate Zipfs Law - Analyse text and see does it fit or not
StringLength See how long a string is via JavaScript. A bookmark is also available (Circa 2011) was an academic project that included an augmented reality search engine mobile application for locating businesses (Android)
Site Engineer A small project I built for my Brother - to speed up his workflow.

GitHub Projects

AutoSnake Snake that plays itself - in JavaScript
Snake Snake - in JavaScript
SearchJS Search and filter your elements with around 750 bytes of JavaScript - without any framework.
HeatMapColour Get a suitable colour for an overlay style map - based on the length of your data.

Android Apps

Phone Info Dialer A shortcut for dialling *#*#4636#*#* on my Nexus 5x
On Screen Compass On Screen Compass displays Magnetic North on your phone's screen
QuickFlash A quick flash-light/torch for Android
QuickNote A quick note taking app for Android

Chrome Extensions

BitCoin Ticker See price of BitCoin in real time (in Euro) directly in your browser
WhereClick Paint and annotate any website with this tiny, lightweight extension.
HackerNewsify Make HackerNews more readable with this Chrome extension
Readify Make websites easier to read with this Chrome extension
ImageHider Hide all the images on the page your on with this Chrome extension


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